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Let’s get down to business

WhatsApp Business is a social networking app that lets business owners connect to their consumers more effectively. It offers a convenient way for people to inquire about a product or service through chat messages, which is a perfect fit for the fast-paced lifestyle of people nowadays. WhatsApp Business is equipped with features that are helpful in providing good customer service.

Instant responses

It is true that there are a lot of other ways to contact businesses like sending messages through social media pages or calling the business establishment itself. However, not everyone has the time to place calls or visit pages especially for those who are busy. Voice calls can also be missed and cannot be done simultaneously, which is not very effective if you seek to answer as many queries as possible from your many different callers. Meanwhile, establishing social media engagement can be very distracting because of the many contents available online. 

WhatsApp Business, therefore, offers a neater, faster, and more organized way where business owners can cater to a wide number of customers without any delay. Communication is made simpler through a straightforward way of receiving and sending back chat messages. One of the things that make WhatsApp Business useful is its messaging tools that allow users to send default responses with just  one click. For instance, to establish a customer-friendly impression, you can set a default greeting message that will automatically be sent to people who will send you a query for the first time. Upon opening your business profile’s chatbox, a unique and informative message will welcome them and encourage them in asking a question, to which you promise to get back to as soon as you can. Other messages you can generate are replies for when you are currently unavailable at the time they send the query and a quick reply template that you can just click on when a customer shoots a frequently asked question. 

How are you faring?

Another good thing about WhatsApp Business is that you can monitor your account’s traffic. This means that the app allows you to see how many messages you are receiving on a daily basis, how many responses you are getting, how many of your messages are left unread, and many more. This data will prove to be useful in determining which methods will guarantee you a wider engagement so you can strategize and improve your methods. Additionally, to help you in sorting out messages, you can color code them according to the nature of the conversation. You can mark and label those who have questions about their pending orders, payment, and even those who you deem are bogus buyers.

Top-notch customer service

WhatsApp Business is basically an app the improves your business’ customer service, which helps a lot in leaving good impressions. At the same time, it increases the efficiency and productivity of the entrepreneurs because it helps with business management. WhatsApp Business offers a better and more convenient way for both sellers and buyers to connect with each other.


  • Increases business productivity
  • Create default and quick responses
  • Color-code messages
  • Monitor account traffic


  • Cannot support multiple accounts
  • Does not support multiple account log-ins for multiple users

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WhatsApp Business for iPhone

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2.21.100
  • 4.4
  • (46)
  • Security Status

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