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A New Way of Connecting with Clients

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  • Free to download and use
  • Unique way to do business


  • Mobile number required for sign up
  • A bit limited in its scope

A New Way of Connecting with Clients

Embracing Modern Business Approaches

WhatsApp Mobile is a special app that allows small business owners and business managers to create their own profile and promote their services to potential customers. Users simply need to sign up in the same way that they sign up for the regular WhatsApp service and then start creating an attractive business profile. Potential clients who also have the app can then contact the business manager by text message or call them directly and it is also possible to use the video call option, which provides a much more personal approach to business. Photos and short video clips can be regularly added to the business profile to help attract new customers and keep existing customers interested.

Working While on the Road

People who are looking for new ways to do business and reach out to their clients may well find that this app provides a useful solution. However, it is necessary to provide a mobile phone number as well as a certain amount of personal information in order to sign up for WhatsApp Business and some people may be a little turned off by the lack of privacy.

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WhatsApp Business


WhatsApp Business 2.19.18

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  • Mario DaSilva

    by Mario DaSilva

    I personally prefer having business talks with our regular clients and possible clients through this WhatsApp Business app. For me, I tMore